Councillor Maggie Mansell

Sadly, Councillor Maggie Mansell has died after a short illness.

Shafi Khan, who served with her on Croydon Council for 24 years writes:

I have lost a good partner in politics who always had equality, justice and fairness at the heart of anything she has done, a scientist with extensive knowledge of health issues, a fierce NHS defender, an ardent Crystal Palace supporter, an excellent Chair of Governors for a local school, a strong voice of the community, who always acted with highest integrity and above all a true Labour member. Maggie will be sorely missed.

Tony Newman, Leader of the Council has posted the following on Twitter:

It is with great sadness that we have received the terrible news we have lost one of our most dedicated, compassionate & long serving councillors, Maggie Mansell. Maggie helped thousands of people & made a real difference She will be sadly missed by us all. RIP

Comments are open below for your tributes and personal reminiscences.


  • The first time I met Maggie in the 80’s she was wearing a free Mandela t-shirt, I thought now there is a kindred spirit! She remained that person who fought for the underdog with all her might and did not give up till she got what she deemed as fairness. Maggie was an excellent Mayor, during her year I invited to South Africa House to attend a conference on women councillors I was chairing. i do not think she could have been more thrilled to walk through the doors that had been closed to us anti apartheid protesters for so long and to be greeted by the High Commissioner for South Africa. I was glad to be a part of that day. We will miss you Maggie, your comradeship and loyalty knew no bounds. RIP my friend.

  • I didn’t know Maggie particularly well, only met her a couple of times a few years ago, but I was awed by her campaigning spirit to bring a better deal for her constituency.
    She was an inspiration to many at a time when women weren’t as numerous in politics as they are today.
    I’m sure that zeal was instrumental in more people getting into politics, especially women.
    She will be sadly missed by family, friends and colleagues.

  • When I moved to Norbury from Southwark in the mid/late 1980s, Maggie was the first person from the Labour Party to contact me. Croydon Council, Norbury Ward and Croydon North West Constituency were all solidly Tory at that time.
    Maggie was the ultimate campaigner for the issues she believed in – justice, equality and fairness and she continued to campaign on those issues for throughout her life. Over the years, Maggie, along with Shafi Khan, turned Norbury into a safe Labour Ward through sheer hard work, constant campaigning and always responding to their residents needs. Maggie knocked on more doors, led more campaigns and delivered more leaflets than anyone I know. She was instrumental in setting up the 3 Norbury residents associations which are still thriving today.
    Probably Maggie’s finest moment came when she brilliantly addressed the Party Conference in 2012 to pay a wonderful tribute to Malcom Wicks MP who sadly passed away during conference week. She served on Croydon Council firstly for West Thornton 1986-1990 and then for Norbury from 1994-2018 and was elected for the new Norbury & Pollards Hill Ward in May 2018. She also served a Mayor of Croydon in 2005-2006.
    I admired and respected Maggie Mansell and it was a privilege to have known such a sincere and committed campaigner for social justice. She was the truest of true Labour members.
    May she rest in peace.

  • Maggie was so kind,compassionate and caring not just for her constituents but for everyone. She was hardworking as a Cllr & for the Labour Party out on thousands of doorsteps, she will be sorely missed by us all and the people Croydon who she worked so hard for.

  • That is really shocking and sad news.

    Maggie was a tireless campaigner and dedicated community leader.

    May her family get the strength to cope with such a tragic loss of a wonderful person

  • It was a blessing to have met such an inspirational Community Leader. As a Cllr, a fellow Soroptmist and BME Mental Health Partnership member she supported us all the way. This news will shock many because her energy motivated others to do better. My condolences to her family.

  • It was an honour and a privilege to work alongside Maggie at CLP level and as a fellow Councillor. She worked tirelessly for her constituents and her commitment to the Party was unwavering but most of all she was a wonderful person.
    To hear of her passing is such sad news and she’ll be sorely missed.
    RIP Maggie

  • Maggie as our chair of Governors at NMP school passionately served our community and contributed In more ways than we can say . She will be remembered for her support to the local community and for tirelessly campaigning for the rights of others – RIP Maggie

  • I met Maggie in 2009-10 when I became involved in the Local Involvement Network (forerunner to Healthwatch), but it turned out I had experienced her work a few years earlier when she hosted science talks at the Town Hall during her stint as mayor. We shared a strong desire to tackle climate change but also improve health services for women – different parties but shared aims. I hope her family find solace in knowing how well-respected she was, that she was an excellent councillor and campaigner.

  • Last February, Maggie generously stepped in at very short notice to lead a discussion on local health services at our Bensham Manor BLP meeting. It was very informative and her impressive contribution was much appreciated by our members. I was shocked and saddened to hear of her passing. Condolences to her family and friends.

  • Well, I’m really shocked to find this so sad news
    Maggie Mansell was a Labour party “opponent” back in the day (70s-80s) when being on the left was the thing. I am as much of a Trotskyist as ever, I hope, Maggie was nice and FUN to talk with at Ruskin. Oh what are we like, us Croydon Labour lot ? Missing another comrade. Greetings from Jon Pickering


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