Why I Joined the Labour Party

Across the nine branches that make up the Croydon North Constituency Party we have well over 1000 members. Whilst everybody has a different story we are united by a passion for social justice and a desire to make life better for everyone. We’ll continue to add stories to this page but will start with Izzy Carnwath, a new member from Bensham Manor Branch.

Izzy Carnwath from Bensham Manor Branch writes about her reasons for joining the Labour Party recently.

I have recently signed up to Labour Party membership because I fundamentally believe in social democracy. Although the Party is a broad church, what seems to unite its members is a shared belief in fairness and social justice, in protecting society’s weakest and standing up for the economic and democratic rights of the people (at large) from exploitation by the powerful.

Why now? Because in the wake of years of austerity politics, corporate predation of public goods, recent right-wing ideology and the devastating results of the last election, I believe a strengthened left is urgently called for to defend social justice and democracy itself. There are increasing threats now to societies from environmental damage, the rapid development of Artificial Intelligence and the power of social media/ data collection companies. I do not trust increasingly nationalist, right-wing and ideologically driven governments to protect our societies from the individualistic greed that make these advances so dangerous.

Post-election and Brexit, the Labour Party has various challenges to address, not least how best to protect the interests of British people in a global economy to ensure that we can all benefit from the dynamic market. The Party must reengage with voters so that the many it was founded to represent feel heard. It would seem to be a time for reflection and imaginative thinking about how best to unify people around and further Labour’s core values. And so, I think it is an exciting time to join Labour, particularly while it is in the process of electing new leadership.

I don’t anymore want to be left with the final menu items on the ballot paper at election time: Rather than sitting depressed on the side-lines, I have chosen to join Labour in order to support an Opposition to the government and to get involved at the grassroots, where party representatives are elected and from where policies are shaped. I would like to contribute to making a positive difference.